Societies Definition:
As defined: Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain. Volunteering generally considered an altruistic (that means selfless guys) activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. People also volunteer to gain skills without requiring an employer’s financial investment.

Marine Definition:
Giving back to a great Nation so that we can protect the values of the foundation that our communities where built upon, freedom. To develop sound support to those who serve in the Armed Forces of America and because the Gunny told me to do it!

There is Marines Helping Marines, a common easy to understand volunteer task for those who serve in the Marine Corps who carry their brotherhood skills throughout life.

Then there are those who have endured many hardships in the campaigns in which we are deployed, realizing that giving back to the Corps is a significant part of the cure.

The veteran support systems in place in our society may never be adequate to compensate for bravery, this is why we take it upon ourselves to make an effort to overcome adversity both in the aid of those who serve and the communities in which we live.

In combat a Marine General will “evac” a Private on his shoulders to remove him from harm’s way, a Private will “evac” a General on his shoulders to move him out of harm’s way. “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.” We overcome adversity with fortitude. It takes fortitude to volunteer. The compassion we develop from the brotherhood of the Marine Corps develops the strongest of character in many of us.

I personally think people volunteer solely for themselves in an effort to better themselves. That quest, that adamant resolve of empty issues that causes confusion when you see things could be better. The void in one’s life that can only be filled by the confidence that you know you helped somebody.

To give things a little perspective, if the 2000 plus Marine Corps League members in the State of North Carolina helped one veteran a year, we have provided assistance to 2000 veterans. By any standard that is a major impact on our society and to those who serve this great Nation. You can only imagine if each member helped one boy scout a year or one other Marine a year.

This confidence is within each and every one of us, you need only take that one step forward to find it. Rule of thumb is 10% of the group does 100% of the work. More people need to take that step forward and change the percentages. Volunteering is not a full time job and it comes with honor not shame.

Never forget the Marine standing next to you, ease his burden, Volunteer.

Semper Fi,
Steve Winsett—A Proud Volunteer